Tutoring & Mentoring

We are excited to be able to offer free 1 on 1 tutoring to any student K-11 who requests it through this form! We know that COVID-19 has impacted many student’s abilities to connect with their teachers and go over material to get a deeper understanding of fundamental educational concepts, so we want students to keep learning without any obstacles. If you (or your student) needs help with their homework, learning a new concept during the lockdown, studying for a test, or even just a study partner, we encourage you fill out the form below. From social studies to mathematics, our team is both qualified and ready to help out. All tutoring will occur through scheduled 1 on 1 Zoom meetings. 

We are also offering mentoring to help students develop skills, work on a project, or even just talk to someone with similar passions!

Ex: 6th grade math, writing a humanities essay, learning the parts of a cell, etc.