Our Team

Executive Leadership

Rishi Gorrepati

CEO and Founder

Rishi is interested in promoting access to education and supporting people’s abilities to lead and grow. After reading and creating a massive National Geographic magazine collection and then obsessing over geography competitions in middle school, he realized the importance of a global education in order to better understand the world we all live in. From STEM to social studies, Rishi believes in the power of creating engaging hands-on materials to transform minds and create knowledge that empowers. In his free time, he likes to swim, cook, and read!

Contact him at rishi.gorrepati@send2space.org

Pu-Kai Tseng

President and co-Founder

Phil strives to increase accessibility of opportunities for youth to explore their interests. His STEM education experiences in the Teen Science Alliance at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) exposed him to youth from different backgrounds.Through lengthy discussions and reflections with volunteers about possible improvements at OMSI Phil realized that increasing accessibility to STEM education is a critical issue today. He hopes Send2Space can provide youth gateways to explore their STEM interests. In his free time Phil spends time volunteering at Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center’s CVICU, providing assistance to patient visitors and nurses and at the same time attaining exposure to the medical field.

Contact him at president@send2space.org

Sawyer Lamey

Vice President

Sawyer is interested in outreach and spreading messages through the power of the internet and social media. Growing up in a family of pilots, she believes the Atmosphere Project is one of the easiest ways to spread curiosity and get kids learning about aerospace so they start questioning the world around them. Sawyer is a competitive varsity tennis player and enjoys running and taking outdoor walks in her free time.

Contact her at sawyer.lamey@send2space.org

Destinee Cenita


Destinee believes in universal access to education, regardless of social class, ethnic background, or physical and mental disabilities. By working with her family business Susi Ventures Corporation she was able to have a look at what education in different countries was like through their scholarship program for low income students in the Philippines. This exposure made her realize that the access that she has can be used to better others in terms of education. She also enjoys gymnastics, composing music and playing the violin.

Contact her at destinee.cenita@send2space.org

Muhamad Al-zughir


Muhamad helps Rishi maintain and develop the website. He joined Send2Space out of his strong interest in STEM (particularly in technology) and he hopes that he can help introduce many other young students to the field and provide virtual resources.

Contact him at alzumuh000@outlook.com

Atmosphere Project Team

From left to right: Gracie Caudle, Destinee Cenita, Hannah Brusseau, Ethan Chaung, Sahib Athwal, Rishi Gorrepati, Pu-Kai Tseng, Sawyer Lamey

Virtual Classes Team

Our Planet: The Basics is taught by Rishi Gorrepati

Basics of SAT Math is taught by Rohan Jain

Applications of Mathematics is taught by Ina Ding

Our Planet: The Basics is taught by Destinee Cenita

Everyday Physics is taught by Joshua Kwon and Cardin Chau






joshua.kwon@send2space.org & cardin.chau@send2space.org


  • Ramya Arivazhagan
  • Destinee Cenita
  • Gabe Hapke
  • Rohan Jain
  • Hannah Brusseau
  • Rishi Gorrepati
  • Jessica Nguyen
  • Cardin Chau
  • Gracie Caudle
  • Maddie Mccuddy
  • Pu-Kai Tseng
  • Sydney Murphy
  • Sawyer Lamey
  • Ethan Chaung
  • Ina Ding
  • Hannah Schmidt
  • Muhamad Al-zughir
  • Jessica Rehman
  • Kiara Cook
  • Sahib Athwal
  • Jayanth Gorrepati
  • Naman Thawani
  • Roman Liu
  • Joshua Kwon