Virtual Classes

New STEM class coming out soon!

We are now offering free virtual group classes! We are covering a range of subjects from geography to mathematics and more information can be found below. Our class teachers chose topics that they were personally passionate about so all our classes are designed to be engaging and contain virtual experiences and demos. If you have any classes that you are interested in but we don’t offer, feel free to contact and we can make a class to serve you and any other interested students. 

We recently volunteered & taught six Geography Bee Prep Classes for the North South Foundation!

Our Planet: The Basics (K-8)

In this class, students will further their geographic knowledge and learn more about the wonders of the Earth. Students will virtually visit famous geographic features through Google Earth and work on their map-making and map-reading skills with engaging worksheets. By the end of this class, students will better understand foreign cultures, landmarks, and also be more prepared for competitions such as geographic bees. This class is an introduction to geography – if you would like more advanced classes please contact

Session 1: Humanity and our Relationship with Water

Session 2: American  Landmarks and Heroes

Session 3: Cultures Around the Globe

Basics of SAT Math (Algebra 1+)

Taught by Rohan Jain, a SAT Math perfect scorer, this class will help students prepare for the problem solving skills and topics that encompass the math section of the SAT. In addition to reviewing the skills needed and the common problems found in test, the class will teach about test taking strategies and how to best approach difficult problems. For more information about the course/requests, please contact

Session 1: Common Mistakes/Testing Format

Session 2: Problem Solving Skills

Session 3: Math Tips and Tricks

Everyday Physics (K-5)

In this class, students will analyze physics related topics which they interact with in everyday lives through a virtual simulator. Through the simulator, students will learn about balloons’ static electricity, friction, energy, and density. By the end of each class students will have a better of understanding of the physics in action frequently displayed in their lives. For more information about the course/requests, please contact or

Session 1: Energy

Session 2: Balloons and Static Electricity

Session 3: Friction

Applications of Mathematics (Basic Algebra)

In this class, students will use their basic understanding of math and science in order to apply them to real life situations. Some situations include financial management,  loans, construction, and landscaping. By the end of each class the student will learn a practical application for the math that they have learned in school. This class requires an understanding of mathematics up to Algebra 1 and basic Geometry. For more questions/requests please contact

Session 1: Financial Management

Session 2: Mathematics in Construction

Session 3: Problem Solving Skills

Oceanography Basics (K-5)

In this class, students will further their knowledge of this earth and the science behind the ocean and what makes the world flow. This class will go over the basics of ocean circulation, ecosystems and plate tectonics through online game simulations that will allow the students to have control over their own learning. Engaging worksheets will also be provided to the students which will help them retain information learned. For more information/requests please contact

Session 1: Ocean Currents

Session 2: Plate Tectonics

Session 3: Ecosystems